Sunday, December 21, 2008

Road to Class of MMX

 As many of my colleagues and bosses do not know about my moving out, although they do have a hint of it, I would refer to my destination as MMX for this post. I thought about writing a hilarious post on my journey but then stopped short and decided to write what actually  I went through before landing up in one of the most prestigious and ever growing community of go-getters that India is witnessing. I am no great at words, so let me tell you that people who wanna see a masterpiece may stop reading right at about this point ! For the others, here it goes:

 After having tried to bell the feline on about two previous (2005 & 2007) attempts and missing it by a whisker or 6, I decided to have a go at the other cat in the hat. It was a decision which definitely evolved over time as is obvious. All this was possible only because I had my mind dead set on my career as a general manager and MMX emerged out as a possiblity with its excellent faculty and reach. The location did not matter much, as I had also decided to try my hand at some ivy league stuff. It all started with the "OG" from Pearson in March 2008. The D day was June 25th. Work and academics picked up pace at the same time, and I had too many balls to juggle. It was one of the best learning experiences through those few months, and I started getting a taste of things that were in store, the deadlines, the pressure of expectations etc. etc.
  To be honest, I am on the relatively younger side on the work-ex front and did not value my chances a lot when I applied to MMX. But I knew that I had the healthy mix ( acads, scores, sector et al) and hence pressed the submit button on Sept 10th 2008 with my fingers crossed.
 The interview was on Nov 1 and the interviewer was Mr. Menon along with a faculty and an alumni. It was like "eternity in an hour", and by the time I was done with the estimate questions and the why now and what next, I felt a shiver down my spine on how well these guys assessed me. It took me 23 years and a few B-school essays to do that, for God's sake ! And the rest as they say is history ( I always wanted to write that :-))

That's all there is to this road. I am sure that the journey to this destination is no comparison to the journey from it, but it's worth a start.


Philip said...

got thru kellog?

Sweta said...

you still think ppl must be wracking their nerves to decrypt MMX?
A look at your profile should be enough clue :P

Smack D said...

OMG !! Raghav you got into MMX already !! I am still in MMVIII ... going on MMIX ... gotta tell ur boss about this one !!!