Sunday, April 5, 2009

You are the choices you make.

 I chose therefore I am.

 If presented with  options which lead you to 2 different careers, standing at the cross-roads, always ask yourself one simple question: " Will I want to change the decision I made today 5 years down the line ?" If the answer is a clear yes or no then presto and you have your career path. But what if there is a maybe involved, aha , then just increase the period of contention from 5 to 10 and repeat the assessment. It worked for me. I am 24 today, and have been gifted with some great opportunities that a mid career professional could wish for. I can crib about it and wish for more comfortable circumstances to make the critical decision or think of it as a chance to go out there and feel the heat first hand.

If I fail then it is I who fall alone, and get a chance to rise again. And what more, the experience is just life changing be it failure or success. 

Yes, to put it in simple terms life is all about the choices you make. 


Joydeep said...

In addition to what you said, I would just like to add one more point. Once a decision is made, do not regret it, even if you discover that it was wrong after some years. It was after all your choice. No one else is responsible for this. There is nothing like right choice or wrong choice, there is only choice....

Raghav said...

I agree to this Joydeep.