Monday, December 15, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

 I have been a movie buff since my college days and have tried to catch an odd good movie here and there, often ending up going through some breathtaking disasters like Vivah and yes, Ek Vibah aisa bhi ! Anyone for Ek Vivah waisa bhi ?
 But then there are times when a movie comes along which tingles every inch of your body and leaves you with those little goose bumps that you get when your emotions know no bounds. Taare Zameen Par did all that and more for me. It showed me the pain through which some of my near and dear ones must have gone through, before finding a foot hold in the society. Every child is special and there is no other better way that Amir could have put it. 
Competition is good when you want to sell apples or iphones, but when you have the neighbour's lad in mind, the last guy to win will be your own kid. Let every child find their footing. Being different is far different from being unique. Let him/her be unique. India is a land where we often live our lives under immense pressure always constrained for resources be it for getting a square meal a day or for good college education and hence the competition will always get the better off many.

Creativity resides in seamless minds not bound by the burden of  grades and pay packages and this needs ot be imbibed in the very grass root level Indian education system. I have a dream which will ensure that such an education will one day exist on my motherland. Follow and let follow dreams. Only then can the stars come down from the heavens.


Philip said...

Amen! Couldn't agree with you more.

Badri said...

Nice post!

I can relate to it as one of my close relative went thru this...

Smack D said...

You didnt thank me in your post for helping you overcome your trauma !!