Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to make a ***** curry


This blog is for those starved bachelors, who have the gift but yet to discover it. It is a  6 step guide on how to make a good ***** curry.
Step 1: Ask the cooks to set a time target to make the  curry
Step 2: Ask a friend to get the groceries (Be kind enough to invite him though!)
Step 3: Browse the recipe on the net. 
Step 4: Ask the kind hearted friend to cut, peel, wash, marinate, dance, strip...etc..
Step 5: Reset the time target, and achieve it.
Step 6: Ahem ! Try and eat it. Voila, did we learn something today ( clap clap)

The cooks: Philip and Mono
The friend: Do I need to tell ya


Badri said...

Nice photos you should have taken photos of the dishes too

Smack D said...

Hahaha .... as usual I guess they couldnt do it without your moral support !! Count on you to unearth more talent !!

Raghav said...

@ Shetty:yeah yeah, I am good at nurturing talent
@Badri: I had already washed the dishes before Phil could take the pics

Philip said...

Hehe...nice. But you should have posted the photo of you belly dancing to entertain us while we waited for the chicken to cook.

btw, thanks again. You really brought out the culinary skills in us. That too just by cutting vegetables and watching TV! ;)